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To join a small group, review the list below and reach out to the leader whose demographic and/or location meets your needs. Want to lead a small group? Complete the form on the right and we'll add your community to the list of group options!

Vestal & Lemons 214-394-7852 Families/Singles 30s Closed
Brown 601-826-6337 Families 20s-30s Closed
Guillory 214-592-2250 Families/Singles 40s-50s Open
Christian 972-800-5134 Women 30s-50s Open
Nelson 214-502-9502 Retired Open
D. Findlay 469-371-4477 Singles Open
Lewis 972-213-3122 Families 30s-50s Closed
Moore 832-444-0304 Families/Single 30s-40s Open


"It taught me the importance of a community and the willingness to allow people to get to know us... to help us continue our faithful walk with God."

~ Corey Lemons

"Small groups encourage growth and helps us build relationships that we normally wouldn't."

~ Kendra Lemons

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