Student Ministry

Our desire is to use our children and youth ministry to biblically mold and train our young people through strategy of knowledge, application, and repetition. Through our student ministries, we emphasize:

  • Biblical Literacy – We want our students to long to be shaped by God’s Word and be trained in righteousness.
  • Development of Relationship with Christ – Students learn how to apply God’s Word to their daily lives and live as disciples of Him.
  • Use and development of Spiritual Gifts and Talents – Our young people learn about spiritual gifts and how to use them to serve God and others through ministry.
  • Development of a Christ-focused Worldview – Students learn how their worldview impacts their decisions. We seek to teach a worldview that is focused on Christ and His principles.

For Sunday School, the youth are going on a chronological journey through Scripture—Genesis to Revelation. Along the way, they will discover the big picture of what God has been doing throughout history and how it applies to them.

On Wednesday evenings, the teens are tackling topics and biblical truths through LIVE, an interactive and challenging curriculum. They learn how the Bible directly relates to what they’re going through and discover how to think critically about their beliefs.