Next Steps

Whether you are new to God or have been in a relationship with Him for years, God’s desire is for you to discover a relationship that will affect every area of your life. To guide you along the way, we have three classes that will inform you on next steps in your faith and in connecting to Rockwall Friendship Baptist Church. Our passion is to be a church where you feel at home as you discover the fullness of life found in a personal relationship with God.

Week 1:
Discover Rockwall Friendship Baptist Church
This class gives you an overview of everything we are as a church. It will provide you with a sense of our history, structure, vision, and values. During this class you will also be presented with an opportunity to learn about fundamentals to the Christian faith, and you can ask any questions you may have regarding God and His church.

Week 2:
Connect to the Church
This class covers everything you need to know about joining Christian community. Encompassing everything from membership to each of your own unique gifts, this class will give you an understanding of the family of God and who you are uniquely called to be within it.

Week 3:
Grow in Your Relationship with God
This class will provide everything you need to know about going deeper in your relationship with God. From understanding your faith to growing and sharing Christ with others, we want to provide you with the guidance you need for taking a next step in your relationship with God.